330 Ashley Fires

331 Nataly

332 Jayme Langford

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

What a Cunt Sequins Meeting you. 10:21

Nataly poses in a beautiful outdoor pavilion teasing in her shiny sequin dress. After some quick boob play we get the low down view looking up her bits with no panties on. Then with her dress off she gets on her knees on the chair bending over with her naughty bits out in mid air. On closer inspection we see that she has quite a few fuzzy little blond hairs on her thighs and ass and a few minor bumps around her pussy.

Gem Jammer. 13:19

Now leaning back in the chair with her knees up Nataly starts fiddling with her pussy and rubbing her clit. A little while later she progresses to a vibrating dildo with diamonds embedded in it. The sincerity of this masturbation action could be a little in doubt as she sometimes appears to be "going through the motions".

Let's in Vulva Gape. 2:48

This is all spread pussy posing with Nataly still leaning back in the chair with two hands prying open her pussy. The close up views show off her pussy lips very nicely as they bulge around her fingers.

Partition for Gorge Double view Tush. 3:06

This will definitely be the most bizarre thing you have ever seen. We get Nataly's pussy split wide open with a speculum inside her vagina sideways revealing her very unusual double vagina. She literally has a partition going right down the middle of her vagina separating her vagina into left and right cavities. There is no cervix visible since if she has one it is blocked by her partition wall. This might be a one in a million occurrence as we've never heard of such a feature before. We get the whole thing in extreme close up detail with excellent lighting. It's definitely a novelty for those who like the unusual.

Scene 2

As Easy as One Douch Pee. 2:54

Nataly sits on a patio table to douche her pussy and then takes a pee with her pussy hanging right over the edge of the table. The douching and peeing action are both seen in full body view and close up view.