325 Jada Stevens

326 Charlie

327 Marie McCray

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Charlie Company's Casual Tease. 12:21

Charlie does a slow strip tease on a tropical jungle patio wearing her black dress and thong panties. After some up skirt views she gets on the chair bending over on her knees and she spreads her ass with her thong panties hiding nothing. She soon pulls her panties aside and you get the full nude spread pussy and ass view which she holds for quite some time. At the end she stands up to remove her dress and she takes her time to tease with the panties without actually taking them all the way off.

The Jungle Look. 5:58

Charlie's panties come off and she stands with her hands wrapped around behind her ass to give you a long and detailed ogle up her private parts with everything spread wide open. She later gets on the chair bending over on her knees for another detailed pussy and ass ogle with her pretty places gaping wide open for inspection. Most of this clip has just spread pussy and ass filling your entire screen.

Charlie's Dick-ins. 15:41

Charlie leans back in the chair for an extensive masturbation session starting with just finger rubbing her pussy before moving on to a purple dildo. She eventually scoots her ass right of the edge of the chair to hang in mid air giving some excellent pussy and ass views. Every time the dildo comes out of her pussy you can see her vagina gaping wide open.

A Cheeky Hangle. 3:52

While still leaning back with her ass hanging off the edge of the chair Charlie spreads her pussy and then her ass. The position and angle are ideal for a cheeky ogle up her private places with her voluptuous butt cheeks dangling underneath her.

Pretty Pouring Footage. 4:41

Charlie uses a water bottle to pour water all down her body. The low angle front side view is very interesting with water glistening in the light. She later turns around and spreads her ass open and you see the water trickling all over her ass, through her butt crack and over her ass hole.