315 Kiera King

316 Lexa

317 Asa Akira

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Pavilion Breeze. 13:54

Everything is stunning in this setting with a gorgeous girl wearing a beautiful short sexy dress posing in a fabulously opulent outdoor pavilion. She is completely pantyless under her fancy dress and the skirt tease is delicious. It begins with enticing little glimpses at the lower end of her dress as it sneaks up close to her girlie places. We get down low in front to peek up at her naked pussy and eventually you see more and more until the dress is all the way up and she spreads her gorgeous bum in your face. We take a long look up her perfectly flawless ass crack while she spreads it for you. Later she gets on her knees to show you her pussy and ass while she bends over and flashes her pretty smile at you.

Rotunda Bum. 12:26

We take our sweet time to shamelessly ogle one of the most gorgeous asses in existence for most of this clip. The focus is on both pussy and ass but the ass dominates through multiple poses. The close up ass crack views give you plenty of time to thoroughly soak your brains in the beautiful contours of her ass. Part way through she gets onto her side with two hands wrapped around behind her ass to spread everything open. She poses again on her stomach with her legs spread wide and her bare ass squirming in the air and gorgeous curves flowing in all directions. She ends up with one leg raised lying on her front while she pulls her pussy open.

She'll Fiddle it out. 13:15

Lexa leans back in the chair for a little pussy fiddling session. She soon moves onto her side in a position that really shows her gorgeous curves. There's some very nice close up views with her finger sliding through the length of her moist pussy slit. Later while lying on her front you get some very nice up the ass views as she squirms and grinds her pussy against her fingers. There's not likely any real orgasm in this but watch it simply for the gorgeous girlie bits in motion.

Water Bod. ITC Favorite 8:29

Night has fallen over the scene now as Lexa stands in the middle of the pavilion with a glass of water which she pours all down her spectacular body. Her amazing curves really stand out with water glistening all over her body. We move in for some great close up views looking up her pussy and ass while a crew assistant pours water down her crack. We literally get right in her ass crack to watch the water flow over her beautiful anus. At the end we move out for another full body view and she has some very pretty smiles and an amusing expression on her face as the water runs out. For those who care about audio there's the pleasant sound of various crickets and frogs in the background.