312 Shawna Lenee

313 Carli Banks

314 Misty Stone

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

She's very boob Tease Full. ITC Favorite 14:01

Carli looks ultra sexy posing on the bed in her short black dress. There's lots of sexy eye contact in the beginning part and then the focus moves to her amazing natural boobs. She spends some time shaking her boobs from side to side with no hands and then she bends forward with her boobs dangling below her. She uses her pearl necklace wrapping and tugging it around her dangling boobs to make them bounce and jiggle. The underside view of bouncing dangling boobies is really excellent. If you're looking for beautiful boob footage this is certainly one of our best.

Off Shore Bank a Cunt. 4:49

Carli's panties quickly come off now and she shows us her near perfect pussy. It's so perfect it almost looks like a rubber molded model. After fondling her pussy for a little while she does some leg motions with her legs opening and closing to make her pussy lips bulge. Aside from the first minute this is all shot right up close with her pussy lips filling your screen.

Carli's Bank Rumped. 4:14

Carli bends over on her knees to show you her big creamy ass with lots of wiggly and back and forth motion. Then she squats with her bare spread ass hanging right over the edge of the bed while we gaze up her ass from underneath.

Rubbing a Swish Bank. 6:25

While still bending over ass up Carli starts to fondle her pussy and rub her clitoris easing into some slow masturbation. She gradually speeds it up into an enthusiastic pussy rub. After reaching a climax she collapses onto her front with her legs wide open giving an amazing up the ass view with a little bit of ass wiggling.

Safety Deposit Box. 8:19

Carli now uses her pearl necklace as a sex toy as she partially stuffs it up inside her pussy and slowly pulls it out again. She then flosses her pussy lips with the necklace and you get some really amazing close up views with her inner lips flickering as the pearls pass through her lips. She then turns onto her side and gets a little more busy flossing the pearls through her pussy and gyrating her ass against them.

Scene 2

Liquifying her Sivings. 0:43

Carli takes a pee while sitting on the edge of a chair with her black panties still on. Her panties are really quite thick so they do not turn transparent and you don't see any pussy but you do see her pee escaping out the sides of her crotch.

Scene 3

She's Pissed it all away. 0:40

This pee scene didn't turn out exactly as planned since she was desperate to pee and started peeing before we could organize any kind of plan on lighting and camera positions etc. Her head is cut off from the picture through most of it though you do at least get a good view of the peeing action.