307 Lola

308 Alyssa Reece

309 Michelle Maylene

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Some of the more distant full body shots are a little less than perfect in this video with some overexposed skin and slightly fuzzy focus. However these issues completely disappear as we move in closer which accounts for the great majority of the footage.

Scene 1

A Beigoran Cling on Dress. 6:21

There is no nudity yet in this clip as it is mostly all about the up skirt tease. With the low angle view Alyssa repeatedly teases with her dress as she lifts her dress up to show her ass and pulls it back down again. Her frilly black panties stay on, though her ass cheeks completely spill out of them.

I'll have a Big Smack. 5:11

Now with Alyssa fully naked we have a good ass ogle while she repeatedly smacks her big voluptuous ass cheeks. Her beautiful ass cheeks get dancing around really nicely as she vigorously smacks herself with some enthusiasm. There's also a few particularly nice ass spreads mixed in between all the smacking.

Screechers of the Night. 13:30

Alyssa's masturbation scene involves a big heavy duty clit numbing bone rattling plug in vibrator. For virtually all of this she has her ass hanging right off the edge of the chair giving a great view of her entire pussy and ass area hanging in mid air. It takes her quite a long time to reach a climax point but when she does she lets out a really shrill ear piercing screech that will rattle your teeth. After a quick break she does it all over again. You have a fantastic viewing perspective right in between her thighs with her quivering pussy and ass right in front of your face.

A Stab in the Dark. 10:46

Alyssa has a little poke around up her ass with a small knobby toy. The action is relatively tame at first though the bend over posing and up the ass views are really nice. She ends up lying on her front on the table top with her legs wide open and she picks up some momentum with some pussy rubbing at the same time as she pokes her ass hole. She does some really nice anus flexing at the end of the video.