301 Natalia Rossi

302 Charlie

303 August

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Tall Order in the Club Room. 13:00

The tall and elegant Charlie does a slow strip tease peeling out of her corset and thong panties. With her panty thong covering almost nothing of her ass we take our time to inspect her spread ass with the edges of her anus peeking out from behind the string. Later she poses fully naked showing off all her curves and pretty places both in full body view and right up close in her crack. There's lots of standing spread pussy and ass views in this clip as seen from both the front and back side.

Bend Over Service. 6:11

Charlie bends over on the chair with her naked pussy and ass thrust out into your face through almost all of this clip. There's lots of non stop pussy and ass spreading with nothing left to the imagination. Her vagina pops open nicely and her large featuresome anus dominates her ass crack. The extreme close up section is a little shallow in focus but shows some interesting muscle flexing. Near the end she turns over on the chair with her legs in the air for a brief leg tease.

Twat dost thou Shake Spear at? 10:35

Now leaning back in the chair with her knees up Charlie gets busy masturbating with an odd shaped dildo. Afterwards she spreads her lips and shows some nice pussy and anus muscle flexing. In the last part she poses with her legs up and together while spreading her pussy and ass with her hands wrapped around behind her ass. The actual masturbation action is not the highlight of this video but rather the great legs up pose and pussy spreading steal the show.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 7:15

Charlie lies on her front on the floor with her legs wide open just showing off her squirming ass for a while before poking herself in the ass hole with one finger. There is no crazy ass reaming involved with this as she just lightly dabbles her finger inside her anus, spreads her cheeks and generally shows off her beautiful ass. She speeds up the ass poking a bit for a little while before becoming calm again.