299 Heather Vandeven

300 Lexa

301 Natalia Rossi

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

There's certainly not too much wrong with this video as the setting is beautiful in a luxurious bedroom, the lighting is excellent, and the amazing Lexa is absolutely stunning as usual. Obviously Lexa is amongst the prettiest girls in the modeling business with amazing curves in all the right places but it does not end there. If you happen to have a fetish for fingernails you'll love Lexa because she has the most flawless and perfect real fingernails we've ever seen.

Scene 1

Sexy Mauves. ITC Favorite 19:25

Lexa's strip tease is more like a whole lot of sexy posing with some beautiful motion allowing us to leisurely gaze upon her spectacular beauty with excellent lighting and clarity. There's a very nice boob massaging section with pretty smiles, although of course we do dwell on her amazing rear end for most of this clip. She wears a very unique and sexy piece of lingerie that wraps snug right up in her ass crack and even splits open to reveal the prettiest places deep in her ass crack. Then she turns around and we get some very nice low angle pussy lip views as she lightly fondles her pussy. As the lingerie comes loose it forms a couple of very long hanging tails which she then uses to floss her crack and spreading her ass cheeks open.

You're making me Plush. ITC Favorite 17:38

Now completely naked the leisurely posing continues on the bed. Though it starts out mild and classy with beautiful poses she soon gets her naked pussy and ass right out in the open for your eyes to explore. The first time she bends over and flashes her gorgeous smile your heart will skip a beat. She spends a good chunk of this clip lying on her side with her ass spread open and thrust out into your line of view. The view up her curvy pussy and ass area is nothing short of spectacular. She even gets two hands wrapped around behind her ass to spread everything really wide open while still lying on her side and we move in really close to soak in the beauty. She shows a little bit of anus flexing with the camera only inches away from her anus and every goose bump, crease and pore seen in crystal clear detail. There's a long segment of nothing but open pussy and ass filling your screen in glorious vivid color and detail. Later on her back she teases with her legs in the air and we move in close ogle her pussy lips as she fondles and squeezes them.

Handsable Lexa. 11:36

Though usually a strictly softcore model Lexa was ready to do a little finger masturbation show for us, perhaps partly because we thought her special enough to bring her to the Virgin Islands and rent an amazing villa. There's not likely any real orgasm in this though we were well pleased just to see this hot girl play with herself. There's a decent segment with Lexa lying on her front though the best part of it has her lying on her back with her bare squirming pussy and ass filling your screen. Near the end she gets her hands wrapped around under her ass to massage and spread her bum cheeks and her vagina pops open as well. There's some very nice open pussy views at the end of this clip.