294 Jayme Langford

295 Renee Perez

296 Elizabeth Anne

Shoot Location: Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Shore is Purdy. ITC Favorite 20:54

After a quick frolic in the waves Renee comes up on the beach and does a little strip tease on her beach towel. She does some really beautiful nude posing with sand caked all over her. The close up spread ass view is quite unique with lots of sand plastered in every crevasse all through her crack. In the last third of this clip Renee goes back into the small waves at the edge of the water. We take the camera right into the waves with her and we get some really outstanding footage with Renee crawling around and frolicing in the waves. This girl really knows how to pose and move beautifully.

Tropical Thunder. ITC Favorite 8:53

There's lots of very beautiful and genuine action in this clip as Renee masturbates on her beach towel with a vibrating dildo. Her shaking and quivering is incredible as she reacts to the vibrations. It pretty obvious that she genuinely had a good time with this. The clip ends with another super sexy frolic in the waves.

Flippery when Wet. ITC Favorite 2:27

Renee shows off some her substantial gymnastic abilities on the beach with lots of cartwheels and back flips. This girl is real poetry in motion like we have never seen before. Most of this is shot from a little bit of a distance taking in the beautiful scenery at the same time with Renee moving around gracefully on the beach.