286 Sandra Sanchez

287 Prinzzess & Alyssa

288 Samantha Ryan

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

If you are intrigued by unique shoot locations it doesn't get much better than this. We spent almost an entire day in this ancient ruined fort on the waters edge so completely deserted from civilization and yet in full view off all the cruise ships docked at St Thomas. It's not hard to imagine this old fort could be from the days of the Caribbean pirates. The lighting conditions didn't always cooperate with us at times which means the image is not always as crisp or vibrant as it could have been.

Scene 1

Fortified Lotion. 14:56

The two girls strip out of their sarongs and assist each other to apply lotion all over their bodies with special attention to the boobs and especially the butts. The pace slows down considerably when we get absorbed in gazing up each girls naked undercarriage which affords a good long ogle at all the pretty bits.

Fort a Fuckation. 15:01

Prinzzess and Alyssa get into a 69 position and have a good go at eating each other out. You get the view from both ends as the girls lick and finger each other. There's a pretty nice view of Alyssa's tongue rapidly flickering over Prinzzess's swollen clitoris. The action becomes quite frantic for a little while before calming again. At the end the girls change position with Alyssa bending over ass up and Prinzzess eating her out from behind.

Tongue in Cheek. 4:09

The pace changes now as Alyssa lies down on her front for a beautiful slow and sensual ass licking treatment from Prinzzess. We get the camera right in between Alyssa's thighs for the optimum view up her voluptuous ass while Prinzzess slowly kisses and licks all up and down her ass crack.

Whatever Floats your Butt. 1:17

The girls end this scene with a water cool down as they poor water from a bottle all down their naked bodies. There are no close ups in this brief clip.

Scene 2

Screwin' in the Ruins. 34:47

Though this is shot in the same location as the previous clips this enormous clip is essentially a whole video unto itself with all new outfits, stripping and leading into extensive lesbian action. The girls start out exploring around the ruins and soon strip off and spend a non stop 30 minutes pleasuring each other with all forms of lesbian action including pussy and ass licking and vibrators. Fans of ass licking will get a nice treat at several points throughout this video. Alyssa appears to have a real orgasm with the vibrator though it takes her a while to build up to it. Later with Prinzzess on the receiving end Alyssa pulls back on her hood making her enormous clitoris stand right up. Then with the addition of a vibrator and a long build up Prinzzess also has a real orgasm. It's interesting to watch her quiver and twitch as they continue to tease her sensitive clit after her orgasm. There's no lack of genuine action and personality in this video.