277 Tea

278 Kelly Summer

279 Lola

Shoot Location: Montreal

Scene 1

Summer Tease. 5:17

Kelly's strip tease is just a brief introduction to her with quite a lot of panty views as she poses on the bed. She eventually gets fully naked but just near the end of the clip. Foot fetishists may be fascinated with her unusually high arches, though we don't dwell on it.

Montreal Stroked Meat. ITC Favorite 15:07

Lying naked on the bed with her legs spread wide in the air Kelly's masturbation session begins with just fingers rubbing her pussy. She soon gets juiced up with lots of finger poking in her vagina before moving on to a shiny royal blue vibrating dildo. It doesn't take her long to build up some momentum enthusiastically pounding the dildo into her vagina with streams of girlie juice and squirt flowing from her pussy. There's tons of outstanding action in this clip with vigorous masturbation and some very nice open pussy views as her muscles push her vagina out, frequently spewing little stream of squirt juice as she cums. It seems like she has a couple of different kinds of orgasms depending on whether the vibrating toy is in her vagina or on her clitoris.

Poo Stroke Odor Cycle. 15:18

While lying on her side Kelly has an extensive anus fondling session with quite a lot of finger dipping followed by another small dildo. The close up pussy and ass views are particularly pretty in this position with Kelly alternately digging deep up her ass hole and then slapping her anus with one finger. Half way through she switches to the little blue dildo and continues digging in her ass with the toy. There's some great angles on her squirming pussy and ass curves for long periods of time.

Inner View in my Orifice. 8:46

Kelly's speculum scene starts out pretty tame as she just dabbles with her clit for a while. Then we go right inside her vagina for a fantastic extreme close up inside view with excellent lighting. She actually starts masturbating with the speculum for a little while and you see her cervix flopping around between the speculum blades as it goes in and out. Later with a more distant view she just poses lying on her side while the light goes right up her vagina to her cervix.