275 Sonia Red

276 Prinzzess Sahara

277 Tea

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Breezy Bum Breezy Blow. 17:42

This clip is stuffed full of non stop up skirt views both with thong panties and without. If you're not particularly into gazing up girls bums purely for the sake of ogling you could potentially get bored with this as it's quite long and extensive. Alternately up skirt and ass lovers will have plenty of opportunity to thoroughly soak your brains in some really nice views. Prinzzess wears a short dress made of a very light sheer material that flutters beautifully in the breeze. There's occasional open pussy views as she spreads her ass nice and wide and sometimes bounces it.

Flirty Days and Flirty Nights. ITC Favorite 8:02

Prinzzess gets on the bed to pose lying down with her bare ass hanging out of her short dress. She soon exposes her boobs and fondles them before taking her dress off to pose naked. There's a really great segment of amazing face shots with Prinzzess making flirty faces at you. You will surely be captivated by her sexy smile and flirty eyes.

A Clitter Sweet Ending. ITC Favorite 13:08

There's some amazing clitoris views in this masturbation scene as Prinzzess uses a pointy vibrator to tickle her clitoris to a very visible orgasm with lots of muscle twitching. The clarity and detail on the close up pussy views is quite amazing with every pussy print glistening in the light. If you watch around her anus and perineum area you can clearly see her muscles twitching as she reacts to the vibrations on her clit. She has some glistening bubbles of girlie juice develop in her vaginal opening as she reaches her orgasm. After she cums she continues to dabble the vibrator on her sensitive clitoris and you really see her muscles spasm under the vibrations.

Strip Disdress. 0:46

This is just an amusing outtake blooper as Prinzzess tries to take her dress off and gets stuck with it caught around her shoulders.