269 Michelle

270 Renee Perez

271 Mia

Shoot Location: Fallen Jerusalem, British Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Pebble Beach. 7:01

Renee does a little strip tease peeling out of her black bikini on a huge shoreline boulder. The latter half of this has a lot of bare pussy and ass spreading and low angle views. Her vagina pops open a little bit towards the end.

Boulder Gash. 10:15

Renee gets down on her knees with her ass in the air for lots of bend over pussy and ass spreading and then turns over for more posing lying on her back. After a little while she starts rubbing her pussy and getting a little excited. We get some interesting angles on the masturbation action with positions lying on her side and then on her knees again. Her pussy rubbing becomes quite frantic towards then end with quivering hands as she orgasms.

Crotch on the Rocks. ITC Favorite 14:48

Renee starts masturbating all over again this time using a small pocket rocket vibrator. She is one of the most genuine models we have ever shot with very real orgasms and visible nervous reactions to the vibrations. Her quivering and shaking is quite obvious throughout her masturbation session. Even several minutes after her masturbation ends she still shakes and quivers as she tries to touch her sensitive clitoris. The clip ends with some close up pussy spreading with her pee hole and open vagina clearly in view.

Stone Hinge. 6:01

Renee does a great nude leg tease leaning back on the cushion with her legs high in the air doing multiple leg motions and splits. Most of this is in full body view but we also get right in close to watch her pussy lips open and bulge together as she opens and closes her legs.