256 Alisson

257 Prinzzess Sahara

258 Tea

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

She's Wet her Panties. 11:55

Prinzzess enters the bathroom wearing a beautiful purple dress that clings to her every curve. You can actually see the outline of her nipples through the dress as she fondles them. She does a little ass tease lifting the dress up over her ass to show her panties before taking the dress off. She gets into the bath with her white panties still on making them turn all transparent. With Prinzzess standing in the tub there's lots of fantastic wet ass and wet panty teasing as she pours water all down her body and over her panties. She bends over and tugs on her panties so that you can see her clit and pussy lips through the crotch of her panties.

Lather Flow. 12:40

Prinzzess gets all lathered up with lots of liquid soap and rinses off with a jug of water. We focus on the boobs first and then she stands up and repeats the process on her ass and pussy. Later she gets down in the tub and shows off her ass bobbing up and down in the water. There's plenty of beautiful close up views showing the water level flowing up and down in her ass crack as she slowly lifts her ass out of the water. The clip ends with Prinzzess drying off with a towel.

She Dabbles in Crack. 7:11

Prinzzess gets down on her knees on the floor to fondle her ass and poke a finger up her ass hole. We cannot say this is as good as we might usually get for this type of action but it's still a worthy download if you like ass poking with lots of bend over views.

Feeling Edgy. ITC Favorite 5:56

Prinzzess sits on the edge of the bathtub to masturbate using just her fingers. We have an outstanding perspective on the action viewing everything from low down virtually right under her pussy with her face in the background. She has a good vigorous clit rub resulting in uncontrollable twitching as she reaches her orgasm. She holds her hood back after her climax making her clitoris stand up prominently. The clip ends with a beautiful standing spread pussy view as she holds it open standing virtually right over your face.