248 Sandra Sanchez

249 Alyssa Reece & Sophia Santi

250 Michelle F

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

No. 2 Wiggleview Drive. 4:30

There's a number of up skirt views with bare pussy showing in this clip as the girls inspect each other's butts and Sophia gives Alyssa a little lesson in booty wiggling.

Making out in Broad Daylight. 4:01

After a little bit of casual banter about panties the girls get naked and start making out on the couch with some boob fondling and licking and lots of kissing. There's some very nice close up views on the kissing action.

Cunt Fucky Tried Clit Lickin'. 15:36

The action heats up now as the girls take turns eating each other out. Attention is focused squarely on lots of clit licking throughout. There's lying down and ass up positions with both girls though the ass up positions give the best view and the best lighting conditions.

It's Rear for Ass to Eat Out. 15:06

The action switches now to ass licking with each girl getting her turn to eat the other girl's ass. Positions are ass up all the way with plenty of beautiful close up anus licking views. Lighting and video quality are excellent, especially in the second half.

A Big Back Combo. 1:23

For those who like to compare asses we got Alyssa and Sophia to pose side by side both ass up with their bums squirming in the air. It's brief but very pretty.