246 Laura Crystal

247 Carli Banks

248 Sandra Sanchez

Shoot Location: Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

Note the content of the pictures is different from the content of the video for this set due to changing lighting conditions. The setting for this video is really spectacular with beautiful white sand, pastel blue waters, and deep blue sky. Video quality is fantastic throughout. There's no masturbation in this though it is loaded with lots of gorgeous views and playful action.

Scene 1

Sand up for your Sights. ITC Favorite 9:21

This clip starts like a Baywatch movie with Carli running down the beach with her boobs bouncing around. After a brief frolic in the waves she comes up on the sandy beach to do a little strip tease with sand stuck all over her body. The bikini soon comes off and she does quite a lot of nice booty bouncing in the standing and bend over positions.

Wave to the Pretty Girl. ITC Favorite 8:26

Carli has a playful frolic in the small waves at the edge of the beach. She tries to be sexy crawling around in the waves though it's sometimes interrupted as larger waves that smack her and drag her around in the water. She has lots of fun doing this, sometimes piling sand on herself and sometimes getting all wet when she doesn't expect it. There's a few water spots on the camera lens at times which depending on your perspective either adds to the atmosphere or distract from the view. You have the perspective of being right in the waves with her throughout this fantastic and very entertaining footage.

Breaded Chick in Sand Swish. ITC Favorite 14:55

Now after emerging from the waves Carli poses on the sand and gets as much sand stuck on her skin as possible. She literally has sand stuck in every crevasse on her body which she proudly shows off as she bends over and spreads her ass crack. Several times she gets all sandy and then rinses off with a water bottle. There's a few water spots on the lens after this but it doesn't last too long. There's some really beautiful boob action as Carli dangles her gorgeous boobs in the sand. With Carli bending over on her knees and elbows we look up between her thighs to see her dangling boobs as drags them over a little mound of sand that she made. The side view is also really nice with some jiggly boob action. She has a nice ass wobbling with her cheeks bouncing in the air and then finishes off rolling around in the waves to rinse off. The video ends as it started, with Carli running down the beach.