239 Mia

240 Franceska St Clair

241 Iris

Shoot Location: Montreal

Scene 1

A Quebec Separatist. 11:55

Franceska does a quick strip tease in the bedroom peeling out of her tight little shorts and panties. It doesn't take long before she's all naked and spreading her bits in your face. This clip is loaded with tons of great bend over pussy and ass spreading. Most of the time she gets her vagina gaping wide open without any fingers blocking the view. There's quite a lot of pussy muscle flexing with the inside of her vagina pushing out and there's even a few stray pussy farts. On the odd occasion she talks to you in French.

French Immersion Glass. 5:48

Now lying flat on her back Franceska starts masturbating first with just fingers and then with a glass dildo. After some build up she really picks up the pace franticly pounding the glass dildo hard and fast in her pussy like a mad woman as she reaches her climax. This might be some of the most intense pussy pumping we've ever shot. It's surprising she didn't injure herself pounding her pussy this hard.

Up da Bum Performance. 9:06

The attention turns to Franceska's ass now as she poses lying on her front/side with one knee raised and fondles her ass hole. It's a very nice position for a great view up her bum with her face in the picture as well. She frequently buries one finger up her ass to the second knuckle before continuing the anal insertions with a dildo. Both finger and toy come all the way out of her ass frequently giving you plenty of bare ass crack views. Later she picks up the pace again for some more frantic ass pounding action.

Start Spreading the Views. 7:30

This video finishes much the same as how it started - with lots of great bend over pussy and ass spreading. This clip is very similar to the "Quebec Separatist" clip above with lots of open pussy and ass and vaginal muscle flexing. There's perhaps a few more variations of position and a little bit more ass slapping.