216 Annabelle Lee

217 Layla Rivera

218 Zuzana Z

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Outside of the first two clips this video deviates somewhat from our usual formula and niche. It's not recommended for the close up graphic views but may be of more interest to those who enjoy the more casual and fun mood and behind the scenes type footage.\r\n

Scene 1

Yacht a see this. 10:33

Layla does a little strip tease and lots of naked posing on the bow of a boat with a particularly nice view in the background. She's quite hyperactive constantly moving around through various positions and fiddling with her pussy from time to time. There's quite a bit of finger frigging in the second half though you wont be convinced of any orgasm as she sometimes breaks into a smile or giggle. While posing on her knees she pops out several nice pussy farts.

Scrubbing the Dick. 6:09

We stuck a very realistic suction dildo to the bow of the boat for Layla to hump and ride. We get a really nice viewing angle virtually under her ass as she humps her pussy up and down the shaft of the dildo. The action is pretty nice though perhaps not so convincing as once again she flip flops between moans and giggles. In the last part she stands up and uses two hands to pry her pussy wide open from behind. She shows quite a big pussy gape in this position and you can sometimes see her vagina pressing out as she flexes her muscles.

Ship Happens. 4:18

This clip will be a waist of time for many customers but could be of special interest to those who like behind the scenes type of footage. This was intended to be a pee scene but it just wasn't happening. She does in fact eventually pee though it took a long time and it's not a great one. We might ordinarily trash this footage but thought there's some moments of interest that might appeal to some viewers. FYI this clip shows how pee scenes often go when models get a little stage fright.

Scene 2

Floatation Devices. 1:39

This brief little clip does not contain anything particularly graphic but is good for those who like a character girl that is obvious enjoying herself and having fun. She takes a quick dip off the back of the boat and floats around with her ass and boobs pointing skyward.

Ship, Shower and Shaved. 1:05

Continuing in the fun mood of the previous clip Layla hoses herself down while standing on the back of the boat. Things are a little more graphic here as she has a good time squirting her pussy with the hose.

Scene 3

Feeling Blowdid. 2:46

Layla does something a little like a dancer routine in the wind on the bow of the moving boat with lots of crawling around while the wind blows her dress right up around her waist. There are no close ups since this was shot at a bit of a distance. The picture is a little less stable than usual due to the motion of the boat.