214 Franceska St Clair

215 Georgia Jones

216 Annabelle Lee

Shoot Location: Malibu, California

Scene 1

Zero Star Hotel. 19:03

Georgia really had to make do with the basics in this bathtub set as this bathroom doesn't even have walls. We turn back the clock 150 years for Georgia to have a bath as the pioneers of the wild west did it. She's not the most smilie model ever. In fact at times she may even seem downright grumpy as she swats the flies away yet she looks so good doing it. This clip takes a pretty relaxed and casual pace with lots of really nice poses in the bathtub. You'll see her lovely ass bobbing up and down in the water as she lies on her front and there's also a fantastic pussy view as she soaps up her pussy with her legs up over the sides of the tub and her ass dangling in the water. The lighting is excellent as we get right inside the bathtub with her to ogle her pretty bits. At the end she poses on her knees with her ass in the air while we pour water down her as crack.

Hot and Bothered. 6:33

The set didn't exactly lend itself to masturbation but this clip has something resembling masturbation. It seems a little awkward but she has a little pussy rubbing session with her ass in the air and then later with her legs hooked over the sides of the tub and her ass hanging in the water. If there's a climax here it's not a particularly convincing one, though what we are convinced of is that she a really hot babe in a pretty interesting and unique set. Her final glance at the camera at the end is really sexy.