208 Sophia Santi

209 August

210 Bella Ling

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Unfortunately we had some patchy cloudiness on the day we shot this which means the video quality is a bit inconsistent, sometimes relatively gray and dull and other times vibrant and colorful depending on where the sun was at a given moment. There's some very distant background noise (muffled music) in the audio from a beach party about a mile away. Outside of choosing the wrong day to shoot this the set is really quite spectacular.

Scene 1

View Do Doll. 11:29

After a quick strip tease August just poses nude in many positions against a truly spectacular backdrop. There's quite a lot of really nice ass spreading and some booty wobbling as she wags her ass in the air. August is your girl if you like beautiful voluptuous ass cheeks bouncing an flapping around in the air. The rest of it is various sexy posing both standing and sitting with some nice open leg views.

Friggin' Nice Villa. 7:49

August leans back in the deck chair with her knees up to have a good fiddle with her beautiful pussy. Aside from the video being a little dull from the cloudiness the view is really fantastic with her big ass cheeks and flapping pussy lips right in front of your face and a beautiful villa in the background. She gets quite animated and vocal as she vigorously rubs her pussy to a climax. After she calms down she uses a couple of fingers to just spread her vagina open.

Take a Dip with Wets her Tits. 5:55

August takes a dip in the pool and you have the perspective of being right in the pool with her as we took the camera in the pool too. She pauses to pose in several places so you can ogle her lovely body in the beautiful surroundings. It's pretty softcore, though with a few up the ass views as she jacks her ass up out of the Jacuzzi water.