199 Reena Sky

200 Layla Rivera

201 Ariel X

Shoot Location: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

In scouting around the Virgin Islands we were lucky enough to find this most popular spot uncharacteristically completely deserted, at least for a little while. This shoot was cut a bit shorter than usual when the crowds finally did show up, though we feel it was worth it to at least get something of this special piece of paradise.

Scene 1

Privates Beach. ITC Favorite 12:28

You could be excused if you actually ogle the beautiful beach as much as the girl here because the setting for this video is really something extra special. At first we follow Layla as she strolls down the secluded piece of paradise. It doesn't take long before she is completely naked and frolicking in the little waves at the edge of the beach. She has a brief little pussy rubbing session while sitting in the shallowest water even though the surroundings don't quite lend themselves to masturbation activity. In general however the majority of this is just lots of sexy posing in the shallow water with plenty of pussy and ass viewing. The camera motion is sometimes a little more shaky than usual due to some walking with the camera hand held. In spite of this the video quality is really spectacular with incredible scenery.

Pubic Beach. ITC Favorite 4:51

We squeaked out a few more minutes of precious footage after some tourists invaded our now not so private spot on the beach. There may be a little lack of our typical inthecrack style masturbation action in this video yet Layla gets her bare ass up in the air out of the water for some beautiful pussy and ass ogling even though several people were nearby on the beach. Once again the video quality is excellent with gorgeous blue waters lapping around as Layla poses in the water.