197 Karlie Montana

198 Devi Emmerson

199 Reena Sky

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Devi Dukes. 11:29

Devi looks smokin' hot sitting on the porch wearing her black top and jean shorts. Her strip tease progresses at a casual pace with ample time to gaze upon her pretty panties in several positions standing, bending over and lying down. There is no bottomless nudity in this clip as the panties stay on and we just ogle her immaculate form as she slowly squirms her ass around through multiple bums out positions.

Devi Stating Booty. 6:44

The panties quickly come off now and we do nothing more than just soak in Devi's spectacular pussy and ass as she continues to writhe around showing off her incredible form with her butt stuck out in the open the whole time. She does a really nice split leg pose lying on her front with her legs spread really wide open and her ass wobbling in the air. It's a great clip for those who love ogling feminine curves and immaculate form.

On a Twitch Cunt. ITC Favorite 4:24

Devi leans back on the couch with her knees up to finger her pussy and probe herself to a great quivering orgasm. There's lot of really nice 3 finger insertion with gorgeous pussy lips bulging around probing fingers. It seems her pussy is really sensitive as she twitches and quivers through a beautiful orgasm. She still continues to twitch for some time afterwards as she lightly dabbles and teases her clit after her orgasm.

Deviant Behavior. 5:50

Devi starts masturbating again now with a silver dildo. The dildo insertion is really pretty with her perfect pussy lips engulfing the toy as she works it in deep. The pace really picks up as she frantically thrusts the toy in her pussy bringing another orgasm. If you enjoy deep insertions you'll love the last part as she buries the dildo in all the way up to the handle after her orgasm.

Immerse in the Devide. ITC Favorite 3:40

Devi uses a couple of fingers to spread her vagina wide open. We get a beautiful clear close up view with her bulging pussy lips stretched wide around her fingers and her lovely moist open vagina gaping open in the middle. It's not the closest we've ever shot a gaping pussy but it is certainly one of the prettiest open pussy views we've shot.

Fiddler on the Porch. 3:03

Devi gets on her knees with her gorgeous ass high in the air to fiddle with her ass hole. She briefly sticks one finger up her anus but mostly just caresses it giving you some beautiful views up her ass.

Lawn Maintenance. ITC Favorite 0:59

Devi squats on the lawn in front of the house to pee. The scene is almost surreal with details so clear you could almost reach out and touch the grass. At the end Devi stands up to wipe the pee from her butt cheeks and walks back to the house.

Piss Porch Performance. 1:12

Devi pees once again now on the porch leaning back against the couch. Again she stands up to wipe the pee from her butt cheeks and then she gives you one last beautiful ass spread to end the video.