189 Layla Rivera

190 India

191 Ariel X

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Unfortunately in the second and third clips the camera lens was not as clean as it should have been as there are a few spots of debris visible on the lens from an earlier under shot. Those not so easily distracted will easily ignore them and may not even notice.

Scene 1

All Dressed up with no Place to go. 9:18

At the beginning we see India all dressed up in the bathroom brushing her hair and preening in front of the mirror. Most of this clip involves simple posing both standing and sitting with some nice up skirt views with no panties. In the last part we get some nice nude pussy and ass spreading as she stands with her spread ass in your face.

Blackjack. 6:47

While sitting on the edge of the bathtub India fiddles with her pussy with lots of pussy rubbing and one finger frigging. She later lies down flat on her back on the edge of the tub giving a nice perspective on her bulging butt cheeks as she continues masturbating. There is no orgasm or climax of any kind in this footage.

You Goo Girl. 8:31

Sitting on the edge of the bathtub India uses a red vibrator to get her pussy all juicy and excited. There's a noticeable gob of clear pussy goo that gathers at the entrance of her vagina until she wipes it away. The close up views are very nicely lit with beautiful clarity although the more distant views are slightly muddied by some unfortunate debris on the lens.

Go with the Flow. 6:42

Now standing in the shower India casually sprays herself down and we get right in the shower with her to watch the water flow over her dark chocolate skin. It's relatively softcore with lots of very nice posing and many beautiful views as the shimmering water cascades over her body. Remarkable we manage to get quite close to her without getting sprayed so there is a few nice close ups in this too.