1890 Casey Norhman

1891 Lulu Chu

1892 Monika May

Shoot Location: St Martin

Scene 1

Shinese Proper Gander. 16:38

Lulu’s flesh toned pantyhose are almost not visible from a distance other than a little shine. As we get in close the fabric texture become a lot more obvious and her pussy and ass crack are clearly seen through the thin material. There’s a bit of wind noise in the audio of this clip but the video is all perfectly good.

Markus Auleggius. 11:24

Lulu is all nude from this point with a considerable amount of attention on her bare ass and pussy. It is unfortunate that she showed up in St Martin with all kinds of scars all over her legs. We have no clue what she’s been doing. At least the important bits around the ass and pussy are unscathed and most of our shots are zoomed in well beyond the problem spots. She’s pretty good at winking her tidy little ass hole right in your face. She also gets her vagina gaping pretty good on multiple occasions.

A Jelly Goo'd Show. 6:34

Lulu uses a pretty big rubber dildo to fuck herself. There’s only a hint of pussy juice in the beginning but she eventually gets a little coating of thick white pussy goo on herself and all over the toy.

Chu on a Gummy Dick. 3:18

This is a continuation with the same rubber dildo but now mounted on it’s suction cup. The humping motion is nice but perhaps the main appeal is the close up views in her butt crack and the spread shots as she comes off the dildo. There’s no pussy goo any more but it’s her beautiful butthole that steals the show when the action slows down and her butt is right in your face.