1888 Mia Split

1889 Ryana

1890 Casey Norhman

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Wears my Teddy Bare. 10:46

Ryana models a rather stylish teddy lingerie with essentially all of her ass hanging out. She has the high class European model look with a luxurious long mane of hair and elegant poses. The G string doesn’t hide much when it’s on but more often than not she lets all the assets spill out anyways.

The Mane Attraction. 11:28

Ryana is all nude now and the initial attention is on bare pussy and ass with a fairly good dose of pussy spreading. Midway there’s also a number of excellent poses showing off her back and her long luxurious blond hair. Later we return to the butt crack and crotch with side poses that really show off her shapely underside.

Slim Dickin’s. 10:48

Ryana’s slim rubber dildo easily penetrates her pussy in this masturbation scene. She takes it quite slow for a while which allows for some nice detailed close up views. All positions are covered before she finally ups the tempo in a crab walk position bringing it to a climax.

Ryana's Back. 3:45

Now outdoors Ryana has a little naked parade on the patio to show off her figure in motion. If you happened to have a hair fetish her long mane may even override the walking aspect as she is frequently playing with her hair and tossing it around.