176 Sophia Santi

177 India

178 Reena Sky

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Video quality takes another nice step up with this the first release from our latest camera upgrade.

Scene 1

Chocolate Chunks. 12:23

India's strip tease is relatively softcore as she poses against the wall wearing her orangy pink panties. We get a good look under her ass inspecting the nice snug fit of her pretty panties curving under her ass. Later naked on the bed she poses doggy style getting her big dark lips in your face.

Mud Flaps. 6:27

India spends some time just lying on her back showing off her pussy lips as she fondles them and starts rubbing her pussy. If you like something a little different from our norm you'll see it here as India has some really prominent lips with a very dark brown, almost black color. She doesn't climax but rather just has a little warm up for the toy to come in the next clip.

Ooze Cumming. ITC Favorite 8:49

The Masturbation graduates now to a black and white vibrator which she works her pussy with, mostly just on the clitoris, and gradually builds up to a nice gooey orgasm. There's a beautiful big gob of clear pussy goo that seeps from her vagina as she reaches her orgasm and then she wipes it away and it strings out from her fingers. The clarity of skin texture in the close up views is truly exceptional as you can literally count individual hair follicles and read her pussy prints.

Bum Bay India. 7:25

India flips over onto her front with her legs open to give you a nice leisurely ogle up her slowly squirming chocolate ass. She lightly fondles and rubs her pussy lips through much of this and then later just spreads her ass to give you a great close up view as she flexes and winks her anus in and out.