1819 Ryana

1820 Sasha Sparrow

1821 Lulu Love

Shoot Location: Tuscany, Italy

Scene 1

It's Been Sasha Pleather. 8:40

Sasha packs her tight pleather skirt with some pretty tidy curves and gives a nice view up the bottom end exposing her panties and butt cheeks. The initial bare bottom view at the end of this clip is a serious enticement for the treats to be shown in the following clips. The large open door allows in some pleasant ambience of the Italian countryside minus all the usual distracting sounds of a city.

Sparrow me the Details. ITC Favorite 17:22

Sasha’s crop top stays on for a while but she is completely bottomless drawing extra attention to her immaculate ass and pussy. There are really no skin blemishes and her curves are really tight and tidy. She spends quite a bit of time dancing around slowly right over your face giving a fabulous view straight up her ass. A little bit of butt spreading and anus winking adds a good dose of entertainment value. Additional poses lying on her front, side, bending over and squatting on your face all add extended close up inspection time in the details of her beautiful private places.

Sasha Fuckin' Cunt. 11:18

Sasha uses a pretty thick and realistic looking rubber dick to fuck her pussy and it slides in and out of her vagina pretty easily. There’s no shortage of beautiful views every time she pulls the dildo out of her pussy.