1815 Olivia Jay & Nicole Kitt

1816 Felice

1817 Candee Licious

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Panty Floss. ITC Favorite 12:23

Petite new model Felice does a very nice butt and panty tease with lots of panty fiddling and tugging. Getting her in a bend over position reveals a beautiful shape to her underside and she really shows it off beautifully with her assets well thrust out in the open. Her thick meaty pussy lips get a nice tug and squeeze as she flicks the panties over her pussy intermittently revealing the assets underneath.

Felice Orificer. ITC Favorite 18:25

Now all nude Felice does a very revealing butt show while standing right over your face. Then onto the bed in bend over and open legs poses we are treated to a fantastic ass and pussy show. She really gets her assets well out and exposed to the maximum with wide open legs and spread open lips and cheeks. Her straddling position between two beds and her slow twerking are super impressive showing excellent flexibility and beautiful shape.

Get a Leg Up on the Cunt Partition. ITC Favorite 8:52

Felice has incredible flexibility like a true gymnast and she shows that off here with near impossible poses. Very few girls can actually do the full splits while standing as she does. Splits like this really get the ass and pussy out in the open and allow for some really nice close ups in her private parts. She later moves back onto the bed and does the splits while straddling the two beds allowing some very interesting views from directly underneath. It’s pretty rare to see a girl sitting 100% upright with the legs split 180 degrees apart and see it all from straight under her ass.

Cunt you see I'm Fucking Buzzy? 7:55

Felice rounds out her scene with a bit of vibrator masturbation in bend over and crabwalk positions. Her slow squirm in both positions is particularly nice with her clit humping against the vibrator. It’s not exactly crazy action but super scenic with her curvy underside undulating in front of your face.