1809 Ivi Rein

1810 Penelope Woods

1811 Tiffany Tatum

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Shorts Stacked Player. 10:23

Penelope’s outfit is pretty outrageous with all mesh see through top and stockings and jean shorts that could hardly qualify as shorts. The outfit clearly draws attention to her big round ass and we gladly oblige with lots of focusing on her ass and crotch area. The crotch and ass crack of her short are super skimpy for shorts and are quite eye catching. The audio for this video is unfortunately somewhat dominated by sounds of air con, and roosters from nearby properties, though sounds of the model still come through.

Opening Ended Straight Raw. ITC Favorite 10:40

The stockings and see through top never come off but most importantly she is now bottomless and showing off her naked bum and pussy. Penelope might have the most jiggly bottom on the site and all without a hint of flabbiness. It makes for some entertaining ass viewing any time she handles and flicks her ass. Her butt spreading is top notch allowing for outstanding views up her ass.

Cunting Cards. 5:28

The king of heart might have a smile on his face as he gets wedged up Penelope’s ass crack followed by the pussy slit. It is interesting to see how it stays there hands free in the depths of her crack.

She Flails to Impress. ITC Favorite 8:57

Penelope uses a big black rubber dildo to fuck her pussy whole on top of the poker table. Two excellent positions show off her assets in action quite beautifully. The crab walk pose has her ass hanging in your face with a nice dribble of pussy goo running down her crack. Later she turns onto her front and humps the dildo with some amazing ass flailing action. No models can flap their ass around like she does. It is a big jiggly ass extravaganza bringing the action to a climax. She slows down enough for some beautiful close up views up her ass interspersed between all of the fast ass flapping action.

Walk Net Off. 4:35

Now outdoors on the balcony Penelope just parades around bottomless wearing only her net top and stockings and high platform shoes. The attention is very much drawn to her completely naked middle section with the ass out to the world.