1802 Kimora Quin

1803 Candice Demellza

1804 Yenifer Chacon

Shoot Location: Tuscany, Italy

Scene 1

Doorway and Sweet End. 12:25

Candice’s lingerie has a very high cut well above her hips with essentially nothing over her ass but a thin thong. Her big booty certainly stands out as she poses mostly in rear view in the doorway. The face close up shots are quite stunning with beautiful lighting conditions. After her booty wiggle show in the doorway she moves onto the bed and displays her wide ass curves in several revealing bend over and lying positions. She’s fully bottomless in the last few minutes.

Holey Moley Buttman. 17:49

This is all nude posing with plenty of attention to the well formed ass that is her best asset. Perhaps not everything is spic and span with a number of stray hairs, moles and scratches though there is no better thick ass curves than this.

Up Tickle Illusion. 9:01

Candice’s butt gets a delicate feather tickle treatment with a small white feather. It’s mostly shot at a more intimate close up range and has plenty of twitchy moments as she reacts to the sensations. She somehow manages this without bucking all over the place so a pretty stable and clear close up view is easily accomplished.

Flesh Gorgin’. 8:55

Candice has a slow pussy fuck session with a flesh coloured dildo that glistens just like her well oiled pussy. She soon flips over onto her front allowing a nice view straight up her butt while she humps the toy. There’s lots of butt flexing and twitching as the pace picks up. Then back to the missionary position to bring the action to a fairly tense and possibly genuine orgasm.