1799 Lili Charmelle

1800 Olivia Jay

1801 Lia Lin

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The audio from this set is rather dominated by the white noise sound of the nearby ocean. However you do still hear all the sounds made by the model throughout even if overpowered by the waves.

Scene 1

Wanna be Jay? 12:48

Olivia wears a pretty tight and classy sea foam coloured dress in this video. The up skirt views happen when she pulls it up over her butt cheeks revealing a copper coloured panty thong. Eye contact is somewhat lacking most of the time as she seems more concerned with her reflection in a mirror than engaging with the camera. There are a few special moments showing off her beautiful assets as the dress comes off and the following up the butt view with her bare ass crack coming into view.

Jay Low and Bend Ass Flick. 11:27

Olivia is all nude now except for the shoes. Her beautiful figure is very nicely displayed in the standing front view to start this clip. The camera soon falls down low to gaze up at her assets from both the front and the rear in some very revealing underside views. The dining chair becomes are very useful prop with Olivia sitting on it backwards and hovering her ass out over mid air.

Flat on her Glass. 6:41

With Olivia sitting on a glass table we obviously had to get the view from underneath. It’s a unique perspective with ass cheeks and pussy lips smooshing against the glass and squirming over your face. She does a lot of squirming around and it’s quite fascinating to see from this perspective.

Praise the Load Jay Says. 11:05

Olivia fucks her pussy with a dildo on top of the dining table. With both crab walk and lying poses there’s some fantastic and well exposed pussy and ass views through all of the action. She eventually gets pretty goopy with white pussy cream caked on the toy and gathering around her vagina. Portions of this are shot from under the table looking through the glass.