1791 Valentina Bianco

1792 Lulu Love

1793 Sasha Sparrow

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

The Tight Ass Blues. 18:38

Lulu’s jean shorts are certainly form fitting with all of her curves spilling out when viewed from underneath. She takes her time popping her butt out in the jean shorts and then repeats it all in her blue lace panties. A casual pace allows plenty of chance to get a good look at her ass in all positions and stages of undress. Most notable is her pleasantly thick underside with well proportioned wide hips and full thighs and butt.

I Love View. ITC Favorite 18:27

There’s extensive ass and pussy viewing in this full nude posing video. There’s a lot of bend over goodness in here with her ass filling the frame for a detailed view of everything. She has a number of other excellent poses that really bring out the thickness of her bottom side curves. This clip features an almost constant concentration of outstanding close up ass views with her butt parked on your face at prime viewing distance.

Hella' Lulu Ya. 9:58

Lulu’s vibrating toy is used mostly just on the outside of her pussy to vibe the clit and occasionally dipping inside to open her vagina. Of primary interest is the revealing positions that she manages with the pussy gaping open much of the time. With one hand holding her butt open and the other moving the toy in and out of her pussy there’s quite a lot to see with everything very well exposed.