1773 Valentina Bianco

1774 Lulu Love

1775 Dee Vine

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Watch where you're Walking. 6:41

Lulu starts out her video with a little parade beside the pool showing off her body in motion. In the second half of this Lulu repeats her parade all nude except for the heels.

Love the Deck Whore. 9:31

This is now a more slow paced strip tease with Lulu wearing her one piece lingerie which looks a bit like a swimsuit. She does a fair amount of dancing around with the camera way down low looking up at her. Lulu’s full bodied lower end looks great in the close up and bend over poses hinting at the delights yet to be revealed.

Mexi Pad. 9:27

Lulu is now all nude and showing all kinds of revealing poses with her thick thighs and ass enhancing the curves in the best way. Poses squatting on your face really put the curves and private bits in prime position for a great view. She also goes face down, ass up for another fantastic view up her well spread pussy and ass.

Cum to Honey Lulu. 7:32

A florescent pink dildo is used to fuck her pussy while lying on the deck chair. The best shots come whenever she pulls the dildo out of her pussy leaving a big gaping vagina.

I Tush Dip Too Far. ITC Favorite 10:28

Lulu ends her video in the pool. This is easily the best part of her video with plenty of beautiful posing in the late afternoon sun. After a little frolic standing on the steps she gets onto a floating mattress and shows some fabulous views up her wet butt. The float allows for some excellent bend over poses with her ass just out of the water line.