1769 Nicole Kitt

1770 Penelope Woods

1771 Candice Demellza

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Penelope Blues. 11:56

Penelope poses against a big open window in her very blue bra and panty set. We left the window open for a clean background with no reflections but the trade off is a bunch of city noises in the sound track. It’s obvious early on that her best asset is her super smooth big round ass which she eventually teases out of her panties.

Woods ya Get a Load of That. ITC Favorite 13:32

All of the important bits are now naked with only the shoes stockings and garter remaining on. We spend a good 13 minutes just inspecting the smoothest big round ass and pussy with multiple revealing positions. She has an impressive amount of wobble in her ass and some fantastic form with her butt spread open.

Cum on Toothday. 10:16

Penelope uses the tooth shaped vibrator to get herself off. She starts lying on the table but later moves onto the couch on her front to give a fantastic view up her butt while bringing the scene to a climax. Some of the best butt spreading comes at the end of this video after she is done with the toy.

3D. 3D info 12:28

This 3D version video contains all content similar to the first two clips above.