1767 Casey Norhman

1768 Candee Licious

1769 Nicole Kitt

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

What Candee Bitch Do? 9:20

Candee uses a one piece body lingerie for her strip tease in a very bold orange room. There’s a bit of tugging on lingerie in important places giving a bit of a preview of girlie bits in several places.

Caught 'n Candee. 7:21

Now all nude Candee wastes no time spreading her pussy wide in your face. There’s a bit of a smattering of random blond hairs in her crack making this one of the less polished and more realistic sets we have shot.

You Bedder Tail the Tooth. 14:03

Candee uses the tooth shaped vibrator in this scene while lying back on the bed. Half way through she turns onto her front allowing for an excellent view up her ass while she continues using the toy. For much of the scene there is no visible wetness from the toy but at the end when she spreads her pussy there is a very obvious flood of pussy juice in her vagina. It would seem that her reactions to the toy are genuine.