1764 Binky Baez

1765 Lea Guerlin

1766 Lili Charmelle

Shoot Location: St Martin

Scene 1

Nice Little Number. 10:08

Lea is looking pretty stylish in her expensive designer bra and panty set. Her mood is always quite reserved and her motions always slow and measured. This location unfortunately comes with a lot of bug bites which may be a distraction, though looking past that you can’t help but notice a nice curvy butt.

Hole Lea than Thou. 6:52

This is all nude posing with Lea still moving slow and getting her bottom side assets in front of your face.

She's having Contraptions. 10:54

Lea’s masturbation segment starts out with a decorative glass toy and later adds a small vibrator. She is not the most excitable with understated but perhaps more realistic action.