1762 Kittina Clairette

1763 Venera Maxima

1764 Binky Baez

Shoot Location: St Martin

Scene 1

What's Knit For Me? 6:24

Venera’s matching knit bikini and shawl have a nice contrasting splash of colour against the blues and greens of the scene. The low angles shots show off her beautifully lit skin against the cloudless sky. It’s a pretty softcore striptease with a fabulous figure in a pretty nice location.

Barely Noticeable. 6:15

Venera is now all nude to show off her bare pussy and ass crack. She has a rather obvious mosquito bite but otherwise shows a very tidy underside.

Think outside the Box. 5:25

Venera’s masturbation session is just with fingers rubbing her pussy in the front and back views. The action is somewhat secondary to the flesh that is on display as this may be where her assets are best exposed.

Maxima Swagger. ITC Favorite 5:26

This walking video shows off what is clearly Venera’s best assets and talents. She has an incredible figure and she moves really beautifully when in full stride. The front view is especially mesmerizing with amazing thighs, hips and boobs all undulating in rhythm with her stride.

Water you Thinking? 6:43

Venera’s scene ends with a little bit of posing in the pool. Ordinarily she doesn’t really smile a lot but this clip kind of breaks her out of that mold a little bit as there are some borderline playful moments.

Water you Thinking? - 3D 3D info 6:44

This is a 3D version of the similarly named clip above.