1732 Lea Guerlin

1733 Kiarra Kai

1734 Kittina Clairette

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

I Cunt Sling Very Well. 14:48

Kiarra suddenly makes Borat’s bathing suite look a whole lot more sexy in this video. She has a little bit of bush peeking out in the front, though most of our attention goes to the back where the sling is wedged well up her ass crack. The process of taking it off becomes a rather drawn out and entertaining affair with her ass crack being revealed multiple times.

Kai Show ya Something? 8:28

Now all nude Kiarra displays numerous bare ass crack and pussy views. Her tanned complexion is apparently natural as she is dark all the way into her crack.

Cunt Juicy Where this is Going? 5:28

Kiarra leans back on the pool ledge for a finger masturbation session that results in 3 separate squirting orgasms. Her squirt splatters in all directions under the continuing manipulation of her fingers. Lighting conditions are a little more “golden” in this segment as the sun came out behind our shooting position.

Sway to Go. 5:38

Kiarra takes a little stroll back and forth on the patio to show off her curves in motion. Most notable is her substantial bush nestled between her rather wide hips in the front side view.