1724 Penelope Woods

1725 Kiarra Kai

1726 Allie Addison

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Oh Kai Then. 18:37

Kiarra’s tease video focuses on her frayed shorts for quite a while before they come off to reveal a really beautiful bronze coloured panty. There’s some pretty extensive footage here with plenty of excellent underneath views showing off her well formed bottom end. Certain angles show off her very nicely rounded hips and pear shaped bottom, though we spend more time gazing upon her underside. There a nice introduction to her bare crack near the end with the panties down around her thighs.

Look up in the Kai. 9:17

Kiarra is now fully bottomless to show off her naked pussy and ass. The squatting position shows off some beautiful ass curves from the overhead angle before we go under to see the naughty side. Of course we would never miss a good underneath view with the model standing over your face. This shots shows off her excellent underside curves and her dark intimate features. Finally she gets on the table in a crabwalk position doing some beautiful squirming motion moving her pussy and ass right in front of your face.

Gypsy Kai Yay Smother Fucker. 11:15

Now with a clear rubber dildo Kiarra does some very nice squirmy motion in the crabwalk pose while fucking herself. She later moves onto the chair to finish the job. Probably the best shot is the crystal clear close up pussy spread after she is done with the toy.