160 Lora

161 Adrianna Russo

162 Missy Nicole

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Green Tease. 8:07

Adrianna does a quick little strip tease and shows off her boobs. They may not be natural boobs but with their nice shape an movement they are some of the best fakes you will see. The greater portion of this clip focuses in on her totally nude pussy and ass with lots of really nice ass spreading both in the standing and bend over positions.

Getting Nailed. 8:24

Adrianna now indulges in a little pussy rubbing and finger dipping with her fancy fingernails dabbling inside her pussy. It may look slightly uncomfortable but it is certainly pretty. There's a very nice close up view with her anus virtually right in your face while her fingers dabble in her vagina. The last half of this is all in the bend over ass in the air position with a little bit of ass squirming as she continues to rub her pussy.

Spikes and Splatters. 7:12

Adrianna continues her masturbation sessions now with a rather unique dildo with lots of little soft rubber knobs and spikes all over it. If you turn up the volume you will hear all the splattery noises made by the rubber spikes every time they go in an out of her pussy.

Got a Hole Nail Deal. 6:47

Now just relaxing leaning back with her legs up Adrianna spreads her pussy open with 2 fingers showing off the inside of her pussy. The long nails may have been a hindrance in getting it to open particularly wide but you get quite an eyeful of pee hole and a little vagina as well.

Suck it up Princess. ITC Favorite 7:02

This is a great clip if you like seeing the inner workings of a girl's vagina while she is masturbating. Using a clear plastic tube for a toy you can look right inside and see her vagina walls slithering snugly around the tube as it goes in and out of her pussy. It's a very nicely lit and intimate view right up her most private place giving the perspective of getting sucked right up into her pussy.

Merry Piss Miss. 1:26

While posing bending over on her knees Adrianna takes a pee on the floor. You have a fantastic view up all of her pussy and ass area while the pee dribbles out of her pussy. She has a nice smile on her face through much of this short clip.