1703 Gianna Gem

1704 Leanne Lace

1705 Baby Nicols

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Walk to Leanne and Back. 8:26

With all due respect to Leanne’s back side the front view of Leanne walking in lingerie is true perfection. Her fabulous hips, thighs, hair and face complete a beautiful vision with her full set of lingerie adding some sophistication and class. She goes pantyless in the second half while keeping all other lingerie on drawing attention to the important parts during the rest of her parade. In the close up shots you can see her pussy is already starting to cream up.

Come Black to my Lace. ITC Favorite 9:31

We reset to the beginning for a full length strip tease with all lingerie items on. Her face is incredible and deserving of a fairly extended close up shot at the beginning. Her softcore posing at the beginning has a special elegance to it. We soon move right in to her ass crack when she pulls the panties aside.

Jimmy Garter. 13:54

Leanne is now pantyless once again while still keeping all other lingerie items on. The attention moves right in to her ass crack and pussy for a detailed inspection. We have a pretty extended segment of squatting over your face in the second half of this clip.

I Cum before you to de Clear Fuck all. 10:51

Leanne uses a clear rubber dildo to fuck herself while lying back on the ottomans. Her position with her knees pulled back really bulges her ass and pussy out into the foreground quite prominently. She then moves to squat leaning back against the ottoman with her butt handing in mid air giving the perfect perspective to gaze up her butt while she fucks herself. She brings the action to a fairly frantic climax with some nice butt twitching. Some of the best butt and pussy views come after she is done with the toy while just hanging her glistening ass in your face.