1701 Aislin

1702 Demi Sutra

1703 Gianna Gem

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

What Have View Done Demi? 9:39

Demi’s super fit rear end is beautifully showcased in her bikini against a very scenic infinity pool background. She gets fully nude about two thirds into this clip. There are some of the usual close up shots but moreover this is about her fantastic figure and tight ass. She talks to you a little bit from time to time although it is sometimes difficult to hear over the white noise of the nearby shoreline. Visually this set is stunning with beautiful side light and layered mountains in the background.

Wet'n the Heels Happening? 13:42

Demi gets into the pool with her high heel shoes still on. She spends a lot of time with her ass jacked up on the side of the pool. The wet skin along with light and shadow make this visually quite interesting. She does some pretty adventurous posing on the edge of the pool (and cliff). The close up butt crack shots are perhaps not as concentrated as usual but when they do happen they are amazing.

Ledge get Busy. 10:25

Demi uses a very unusual looking toy while lying back on the infinity edge of the pool. It’s not the most comfortable looking toy but it can be interesting for those who like unusual objects. She soon reverts to just fingers and produces several very nice squirting orgasms. It is amazing that she can get herself off and produce some excellent squirting orgasms in such precarious positions.

Wet'n the Heels Happening? - 3D. 3D info 13:09

This is the 3D version of the similarly named clip above.