1697 Anne Amari

1698 Lilu Moon & Riley Anne

1699 Kiara Cole

Shoot Location: Malpais, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Taint Nick Hole Ass. 5:19

The girls take turns doing a little solo strip tease starting with Riley. Her under butt views are pretty awesome with her fabulous form well displayed in lacy thong panties. With the panties down we see some slightly less than perfect skin, her incredible form and a very prominent taint area.

New Moon. 4:00

Lilu now teases in her one piece lingerie teddy. It's not long before she has the bottom unsnapped with her bare pussy and ass thrust in your face. She moves in her usual slow motion giving lots of clear views of her beautiful assets.

Da Lick Double Babes. 12:08

The two girls are now together and back in their lingerie. They take their time to fawn over each other’s butts before starting to strip off. It gradually turns to preliminary lesbian action about half way through with tongues venturing up bare ass cracks.

Crack Two it. 9:55

With the two girls now fully nude they do a series of side by side poses just for pussy and ass views without lesbian action. Their assets are quite different from each other but both quite spectacular in their own way. With asses piled on top of each other we get quite a packed viewpoint crowded with nothing but pussies and asses.

You Dare Licked Asshole. ITC Favorite 11:13

The full on lesbian action starts here with Lilu on the receiving end of a good ass licking. Several position changes allow for some very nicely exposed ass and pussy views while she gets tongued both front and back. Riley’s make up gets a little smudged as Lilu squats crabwalk style on Riley’s face for a more imaginative and worthwhile ass licking session. The pace picks up at the end with Lilu getting a firm clit licking to a quivering orgasm.

Would ya Lickit That? 9:41

The action reverses now with Riley on the receiving end. It is a virtual exact repeat of the previous clip with all the same positions.