1685 Aislin

1686 Kenzie Madison

1687 Lilu Moon

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

The Scrunchie Bunch. 10:23

Kenzie has a fairly substantial rear end and it makes a quite prominent appearance spilling out of her scrunchie butt shorts. Her bend over pose puts some large curves bulging right in your face with the fabric enhancing the curves. Much of this clip involves lots of wiggly butt posing and manipulation while standing in the open doorway. Unfortunately the open doors also let in lots of worldly sounds from construction to airplanes.

I Kenzie where this is going. 10:10

Now all nude Kenzie does all manner of revealing posing on the bed but the bend over and ass up posing is surely the highlight. Big butt curves are the main attraction of this video as viewed from all angles. Later in the clip the camera goes fully in her ass crack for a more detailed view.

Around the Pool and Back. 5:14

Now outdoors in the back yard this little interlude features a parade around the pool to show off her body in motion.

For Madison all Purposes. 9:56

This is like two masturbation sessions in one clip, first on the bed with a vibrator and then outdoors with the same vibrator. The indoors session has a nice bit of wobbly butt action along with her orgasm. Later outdoors she manages a little squirting action while in a squatting position.

3D. 3D info 11:51

This 3D video has all content similar to the first two clips above.