1682 Maria Rya

1683 Melody Wylde

1684 Luna Corazon

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

My Face Look Account. 19:32

Melody’s see-through lace cloak adds an extra layer of sophistication and tease to this strip video. Her hair and make up are quite nice for this set lending to some very nice close up face shots. There are perhaps more face shots, or face prominent shots in this clip than any other on the site. We often see a nice wide butt projecting out behind the close up face shot. The attention later turns to more direct ass shots with some nice panty tease.

Wylde Thing I Think I Love you. 7:25

Now all naked on the bed Melody shows off her ass and pussy in some pretty explicit poses often spreading her cheeks and pussy lips for maximum exposure. Her bend over posing is especially nice with some interspersed jerky twerks adding some extra entertainment.

Be Cumming more Thrust Worthy. 8:26

Melody’s masturbation session starts out with just a bit of finger fiddling and then progresses to a big powerful vibrator to produce several little squirts. Rather fascinatingly her pussy thrusts itself partly inside out whenever she gets close to a squirt. The well runs dry after a while but she still has her vagina pushing out showing her pussy muscles in action.

3D. 3D info 10:21

This is an abbreviated version of the first two clip but now in 3D format.

Be Cumming more Thrust Worthy - 3D. 3D info 8:19

This is the identical footage to the similarly named clip above but in 3D.