1676 Sky Pierce

1677 Baby Nicols

1678 Cindy Starfall & Riley Star

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

All 5 of the clips below have the potential to be considered ITC favourites though determining which is less obvious. This video features lots of awesome content of a top quality girl.

Scene 1

Walk to me Baby. ITC Favorite 9:51

Baby Nicols does a pretty awesome parade beside the pool in her full lingerie outfit. She looks stunningly hot with her beautiful hips, thighs and ass in full wiggle mode. She never gets fully nude but most importantly she does go pantyless and continues her parade in heels, stockings, garter and bra. The lack of panties in spite of all other lingerie items puts the focus of nudity on the most critical places.

That Whiz Neat. 1:35

Baby leans back on the deck chair with her legs spread high and wide and does a beautiful pee scene with nice close up views. Once again she has her full lingerie outfit on minus the panties.

Scene 2

Ass Mirror Campaign. 18:30

Now indoors Baby Nicols does a much more extensive strip tease in front of a large mirror involving lots of double views. The pace is fairly slow and allows for plenty of unrushed up the ass views both with and without panties. She moves onto the chair for a while and fiddles with her tight panty thong giving some awesome sneak peek views inside her panties. Then back in front of the mirror she unties her panty string and teasingly lets her thong dangle in her ass crack. Once bottomless there’s a bunch of double ass and face shots involving the mirror. You can see that her pussy starts to cream up as she shows her girlie bits to you.

Up See Baby. 14:17

Now wearing only garter, stockings and heels Baby moves onto the chair and gives you some extensive pussy and ass views with all the most revealing positions. There’s no shortage of spread cheeks and open pussy filling large portions of this clip. You see it all from the missionary position and turned around in bend over positions and squatting on your face.

Chair's Dick-ins. ITC Favorite 10:31

Baby now uses a clear rubber dildo to fuck herself while leaning back on the chair with legs spread high and wide. The close up pussy penetration is really pretty with some beautiful pussy cream flowing down her ass. The highlight is surely the big squirting orgasm at the climax of the scene. Her squirt stream is a large and stead flow with the close up view getting in the ideal spot to see it all. Once again the scene ends with some more really nice pussy spreading.