1673 Anne Amari & Adrian Hush

1674 Demi Sutra

1675 Lilu Moon

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Those Stockings Sutra. 8:41

Demi’s outfit is pretty minimal in this scene with nothing more than sparkly fishnet stockings and chrome high heels. Her ass in fully out for inspection right from the beginning. Her private places are spread and in your face within just a couple of minutes. There’s quite a bit of wandering around throughout this clip as she expertly shows off her tight form in motion and intermittently pauses to spread her ass for close up inspection. The ass on display is quite stunning with beautiful form, smooth skin and the ideal amount of jiggle when she handles her cheeks.

Let's see Demi More. 12:52

Demi gets up on the table top and spreads her legs for maximum exposure. There’s now less motion and a lot of very revealing poses on the table allowing for much more concentrated close up views in her pussy and ass. She has a brief goofy moment as she tries to pussy fart and then it’s back to the awesome ass inspection including a detailed anus view.

Nice Back Drop. ITC Favorite 7:51

This is still ass worship but with Demi now standing and showing off her jiggle. There’s lots of low angle views looking up her ass while she spreads it and repeatedly drops her cheeks on your face. There’s a little bit of verbal encouragement as she entices you to stick your face up her ass. In the second half she gets back up on the table on her front with her legs wide open allowing for a beautiful close up view in her ass crack.

The Fuck Bowl Game. 8:04

We make imaginative use of household items to mount a suction dildo in a good fuckable position. Some of the fast action is a bit too fast to follow but the slow squirming motion is really beautiful as she undulates on top of the dildo.

A Squirter to Sex in the Moaning. ITC Favorite 4:50

Demi switches to using just her fingers while squatting in the crabwalk position. She produces three beautiful squirting orgasms in quick order all while her butt dangles in perfect position for excellent views up her private places. She has a bit of fun sliding around in her squirt puddle at the end.