1670 Nata Ocean

1671 Cherry Kiss

1672 Bella Rose

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Eyes up Hose Ho. 16:37

The initial attraction here is the long smooth legs and elegant dress but it soon changes to bend over pantyhose viewing. You can easily see her butt hole and lips through the transparent material. It gets progressively more revealing as it goes until it is almost like a nude scene with only a see through sheath hugging the features.

Kiss my Ass. 6:27

Cherry pulls her pantyhose down around her thighs to show off her bare pussy and ass crack with lots of bend over and side posing. She does some pretty awesome butt spreading while lying on her side with her butt thrust into your face.

First Pries. 4:52

Now with Cherry fully nude the first thing she does is spread her pussy for a close up inspection. It’s a brief but intimate look at her private bits followed by some nice bend over posing.

Cherry Springer. 4:12

Cherry’s masturbation starts with only fingers rubbing her pussy. This is all in the bend over and lying on her front positions with the ass out in the open. With one knee forward she gains quite a bit of momentum with her ass wobbling around in the air in a quite entertaining manner.

What the Fuck Kiss Going on? 11:54

The masturbation switches to a clear rubber dildo now. All manner of positions are involved here but the best of it has her on her back where she gains some decent momentum and has a good fucking session.