1661 Aislin & Lilu Moon

1662 Sky Pierce

1663 Leanne Lace

Shoot Location: Kelowna, BC. Canada

Scene 1

She a Pierce Pretty Nice. 9:32

New girl Sky is very slender but has surprisingly nice shape when you get down to the feminine places. She teases very nicely with her hot pink thong showing little glimpses of the naughty bits and then pulling her thong completely aside to let it all be seen.

Ass this Sky Some Thin. 9:06

Now all nude Sky gets her bare pussy and ass in your face in multiple positions. Poses lying on her side and front with the butt thrust out display some fantastically revealing views.

Dame's Blonde in Sky Finger with Pierce Browsin’. 7:11

This masturbation session has no toys and only involves finger probing and pussy rubbing. Her hand moves so fast as to be virtually a blur when she pounds her pussy. In the second half she turns onto her front with the butt thrust up and out giving a great view up her ass while going for round two.

Nice Spread you got here. 3:54

This short bonus clip has Sky spreading her pussy for a close up inside shot. Though this is not her primary talent she does manage to gape a little bit. With appropriate lighting we do see right inside with rippling pink vagina walls on display for a short while.