1659 Cindy Starfall

1660 Shalina Devine

1661 Aislin & Lilu Moon

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

I was Stocking to you. 8:22

Shalina has surely never looked so hot in spite of her advancing age. Her walking display is done with elegance and charm while wearing a pretty sophisticated lingerie outfit. The bra and thong come off half way through but the garter and stockings remain on.

The Elegant in the Room. 8:19

Shalina takes her time to do a more thorough strip tease starting from fully dressed in her lingerie outfit. It does not take long to appreciate that we have a top quality woman in this scene. Her beautifully toned ass olive skin, raven hair and matching lingerie complete a picture of sophisticated beauty.

Assets and Lie Abilities. ITC Favorite 9:10

Now with the bra and panty off we get a good look at her exposed feminine assets. Her bend over ass is fantastic, as are the lying on her front poses allowing for some amazing views up her butt.

She's Fucking Devine. ITC Favorite 8:20

Shalina uses a porcelain dildo to fuck her pussy in a few different positions. No matter which way she does it her ass and pussy look amazing with stunningly beautiful form and features surrounding the penetration action. She saves the best for last with a fantastic crab walk position hanging her ass in your face with everything beautifully exposed for an amazing eyeful.

Dabble Duty. 6:45

This postlude features a little bit of anal fingering and another great view up her ass while lying on her front with everything exposed.

The Elegant in the Room - 3D. 3D info 7:51

This is the same footage as the similarly named clip above but in 3D format.

Assets and Lie Abilities - 3D. 3D info 9:17

This is the same footage as the similarly named clip above but in 3D format.