1635 Eliza Ibarra

1636 Lina Luxa

1637 Lesya

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

High There. 16:00

Our tallest model strikes quite a sophisticated look with her hair pulled back and wearing a see through blouse. The blouse is quite a nice prop allowing for some very nice boob tease and up blouse views. The boobs may be her best feature and they get a good amount of attention here accordingly. The attention eventually move down below for some panty tease before she gets naked. She is not the most flawless down below although the full body shots are quite impressive.

Legs over Sleazy. 5:08

Lina is now all nude except for the jean boots. Lying on her back with the legs in the air her legs seem to go on forever. She does a rather nice crab walk pose with her ass hanging in your face.

Fumble Lina. 10:19

Lina uses a big black dildo to fuck herself while lying flat out on her back with her long legs spread in the air. Most of the time we are moved in at a moderately close distance to take in the ass and pussy. The actual penetration action is not always the most compelling but the pose is certainly very revealing and gives an excellent clear view of her glistening underside. There’s a little bit of finger masturbation towards the end after she is done with the toy.

3D. 3D info 8:19

This 3D version video contains all content similar to the first two clips above.